The Empowerment Challenge


We need to raise $185,000 to get this project off the ground, any contribution will be appreciated.

So far we have raised this much of our target amount.

The challenges faced can seem immense. They are often stemming from past trauma and abuse unaddressed, as well as present seemingly insurmountable odds faced.

The Empowerment Challenge is seeking your support – your partnership to build protective factors.

We would appreciate cash donations and sponsorships from valued local businesses and community members. Your support will assist us to provide the vital services and programs we know make a difference in the lives of these younger mums and their families.

As you can see below there are a number of options for how you can support The Empowerment Challenge, if you would like more information we’d love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our vision and programs as well as how supporting us can benefit you in return.

We are very passionate about making a difference for these younger families and you too can be the change. We understand it is a large task, but we believe:

Alone we cannot change the world, but together we can create a ripple effect to change generations to come.


Corporate Sponsorship

Your organisation can become a valued Foundation sponsor. Sleep well in knowing your money is going to a local not-for-profit organisation.


If you're committed to improving the lives of young Mums then we would love to hear from you.

Make a Donation

Anything you spare will help us reach our target, please visit our Make a Donation page to donate.