The Empowerment Challenge


Jade Hamilton


Jade has always had a passion for working with and supporting people on their own individual journey.

As a child born to a 16 year old young woman, Jade has experienced first hand the challenges from the ‘other side of the fence’ of being raised by a younger Mum.

It was most likely these experiences that motivated Jade to complete her studies in social work with a focus on young people and begin a life path of travelling Australia and working with many different individuals and communities. Supporting, empowering and nurturing others while also developing her own personal growth.

Jade believes that all individuals are the experts of their own lives, but may need a little support and guidance at times. She is passionate about empowering positive change and encouraging others to see that with just the smallest, kindest gesture, this may be all that’s needed for another person to believe they have what it takes to implement the changes needed to live their best lives possible.