Lynda's Bio

Having overcome extreme childhood abuse and domestic violence, Lynda understands the paralysing effect that fear plays in the cycle of feeling trapped, manipulated and controlled. It was this realisation that made Lynda determined to regain control of her life, challenge her abusers and face her fears.

Having successfully found purpose amongst pain she now uses her experiences to help others. Although Lynda’s journey has given her a spine of steel, she believes there is value in keeping a soft heart.

Lynda passionately works as a Disability Advocate and for 13 years has been a nurse and carer for her hospitalised daughter. As a mother of five and grandmother of one, life is colourful and full. Lynda has successfully managed to stay sane and even takes time out for herself once in a while. Lynda is crazy about her dog affectionately nicknamed Mr Sheepie and loves anything Kungfu, having trained in both the art of Wing Chun and weapons. Lynda has been involved with many charity organisations over the years, but her latest trip in 2016 to an Indonesian orphanage was definitely a highlight.