OMG, I'm pregnant, what now?

So you have taken a pregnancy test and its showing positive – NOW WHAT?

It’s completely normal and natural to be in a mild state of panic, feeling numb, emotional or excited, everyone can and generally does feel different when we see those little lines appear. It’s important to note that not all packet pregnancy tests are accurate. If you have done an at home test and its showing positive its time to book in to see your GP.

If you haven’t yet done the pregnancy test but you think you might be pregnant, now is as good time as any to go get a test – nervous about purchasing your pregnancy test? Totally understandable – did you know you can purchase pregnancy tests from the supermarket? You could even use self-serve check out if you wanted! Purchasing a pregnancy test is nothing to be embarrassed about, you are actually being very responsible by doing so and finding out what is happening with your body! If it comes back positive – next step is GP. If its negative and you still have an off feeling – also GP.

Visiting you GP / Doctor

This can be an overwhelming stage to get through – if you weren’t planning your pregnancy you may still be in a bit of shock, its ok to wait a little while before making your appointment but within a week of your test would be best. Your GP will ask you questions about when you last had your period and some general questions around your health. Doctors generally get you to provide a urine sample, morning urine is most accurate of levels so if you can get there first thing do that or they might skip the pee test and do a blood test instead or both. Your GP will advise you if you are pregnant or not, from here if you are pregnant, they will advise of approx. due date and talk to you about booking in for a few extra tests such as ultra sounds, chatting with a midwife etc.

First few months of pregnancy –

So now you know for sure you are pregnant! You might be having some morning sickness (such a dumb name as it can hit at any time of day/night!), your boobs may be sore and achy, they might even start to get bigger in preparation for bubs. Each and every day can be different throughout your pregnancy, even if you have had a baby before, round 2, 3 or even 4 + can be all so different.

Your hormones are soaring too! It’s completely normal to have feelings of anxiety, moodiness, tiredness, frustration, if you are feeling low and are unable to do things you would normally do to find enjoyment eg. Chatting with friends, laughing at a funny movie, it’s a good idea to chat with your GP or midwife. The news of pregnancy can sometimes come as a shock and it’s important to have someone you can talk to about your feelings and the highs and lows you might go through along the way. If you are struggling to find an appropriate person to speak with about these feelings it might be a good time to engage with a psychologist or counsellor.

3-6 months of pregnancy –

If you haven’t already got to have an ultrasound and hear your baby’s heart beat – this is amazing! You are growing a human inside of you! Relish is this amazingness for a moment of how incredibly strong your body is (we don’t always feel this way, which is why its important we remind you! – You are stronger than you know!) You may have a bit of a baby bump now, some people LOVE their baby bump, others find it a bit more challenging as their body changes and that is ok. Just keep in mind as your bump grows, this means your baby is growing too. It can be uncomfortable growing this bump, you might develop stretch-marks – again some people LOVE these others not so much – you can use creams and oils to help prevent your skin from marking- do a google search 😉.

It’s important to maintain good healthy eating patterns during your pregnancy – remember whatever you eat or drink your baby is eating and drinking too – the air you breath, the environments your around, the stress and pressures and the excitement and fun – your baby is picking up on all of that too! Kinda creepy hey? Your emotions may still be flipping and flopping. You will have more appointments with your midwife and maybe your GP. You will get used to having your blood pressure taken and possibly blood tests or peeing in the cup. Fun times! Haha

6-8 months of pregnancy –

You are doing awesome! By now most people are visibly showing they are pregnant and people might be asking to touch your belly etc – ITS OK TO SAY NO! You will be feeling your baby move around a fair bit now, somewhat strange to see at first but then its really cool. You might be starting to get a bit more uncomfortable especially when you are trying to rest or sleep. How do you find a comfortable spot with this belly?! We feel your pain, we have been there! And you might be extra tired! You are carrying another person now (yes ok they are very tiny but a person none the less – maybe even two people for those having twins or more!) Now we need to get serious about this baby coming into the world, you may have been invited to some sort of birthing classes, speak with your midwife about these, its important to know how you want to birth your baby and have all your options spoken about. Who is coming with you on the day of the birth?

If you are feeling alone as though you have no one to come into the birth with you and you would like someone there you might like to reach out to a doula. Do you have everything you need ready to come home too? Having a baby is an expensive exercise and can put a lot of financial pressures on us, if you need assistance speak with your midwife or GP, there are services which may be able to help.

The last month of pregnancy –

OMG get this out of me! You have done an incredible job providing your baby with its home for the first 9 months of their gestational life – congratulations! Its nearly birth time, hopefully by now you have somewhat of a plan in place, which is great! BUT birth plans don’t always go to plan! So be prepared to go with whatever is happening at the time. Its normal for your body to start to have those “Braxton hicks contractions” you might have heard about (if not they are mini contractions your body does to prepare for labour).

If you think its actual labour call your hospital. Who / how are you getting to hospital? Now is not the time to be casually catching the bus to the birthing suite. If you find yourself alone when your labour comes on its ok! Just call 000 for an ambulance. Make sure you have your hospital bag packed and ready to go. And now breathe! It’s normal to be scared and anxious about the birth, speak with your midwife if you have any specific concerns, your midwife will guide you through. Most midwifes do their jobs because they are caring amazing humans, they want you to feel as comfortable and in control as possible. So ask questions, tell them how you are feeling and get ready to become a mum.

This is not the end of your life.

You've GOT this!