The Empowerment Challenge


Shannon Graham

Co-founder & Chairperson

With a positive can-do attitude and the belief that with a huge vision and hard work anything is possible, Shannon is excited about helping thousands of younger mums find their power within.

Michelle Polidano

Co-founder & Secretary

Becoming a mum at 16 years old was not something Michelle had planned. Michelle has lived the ups and downs of being a young mum, losing friends, being judged and facing many barriers.

Karen Brown

Co-founder & Treasurer

Karen’s passion for helping others has been a constant through her life, Karen was formally recognised for her volunteering work by receiving a Community Services Award in 2015.

Donna Kennedy

Co-founder & Board member

Meeting other passionate woman has been such a gift and I know together we will be able to change the lives of thousands of people through The Empowerment Challenge.