The Empowerment Challenge


We have the following services available for the Geelong Region.

Available to individuals who gave birth to their first child under the age of 26.

Young Mum's Group

Group Sessions

Discover our young Mum’s group, an empowering platform designed to uplift young mums by helping them reconnect with their support networks, make informed choices for themselves and their children, and navigate the complexities of early parenthood. This weekly support session not only fosters connections among young mums but also equips them with tools to seek employment, access appropriate medical assistance, and address the daily hurdles they encounter. Hosted in Geelong, the program offers a secure environment, with indoor gatherings during winter at a local community centre and outdoor meetups at a nearby park on pleasant summer days. This initiative stands as a potent resource to facilitate positive transformations in the lives of the young mums in our community.

  • Weekly group sessions offering essential support for young mums.
  • Opportunities to connect with other young mums, fostering a sense of community.
  • Creating a safe and nurturing environment for participants.
  • Conveniently located in Geelong, meeting in a community centre during winter and at a park on sunny summer days.
  • For young mums who don’t have transport, we offer a pick up and drop off service with our TEC van which is equipped with child safety seats

Individual Support

1:1 Sessions

Our program extends beyond group sessions. We provide personalised 1:1 support to young mums, ensuring that their individual needs are met. Our dedicated program coordinator and support worker establish connections through phone conversations or face-to-face interactions, offering guidance, a listening ear, and tailored advice. This component complements our group meetings, adding a personalised touch to the support we provide. Just like in our group settings, our aim remains to empower younger mums by fostering a sense of community, providing a safe space, and assisting them in navigating various challenges. Whether through group sessions or individual support, our program stands as a beacon of understanding and assistance for these young mums.

Music Program (collaboration with Bluebird Foundation)

Mums and bubs music session

A music program designed exclusively for younger mothers and their babies, in collaboration with the renowned Bluebird Foundation, a fellow charitable organisation. Research touts the myriad benefits of early musical exposure for infants – it’s not only conducive to brain development but also fosters a stronger parent-child bond. Our program aims to provide an avenue for younger mothers to embark on this musical journey with their babies, regardless of their personal musical inclinations. The concept of “early and often” remains a cornerstone in child development, and music is no exception. Encouraging younger children to engage in musical activities from an early age can have a lasting impact. We understand that for some mothers, integrating music into their routines might not come naturally. This unique program offers a solution, presenting a structured way to weave music into everyday life. Our collaborative effort with the Bluebird Foundation ensures that mum and baby can experience the joy of music together, fostering growth and connections that will last a lifetime. Please contact our Program Co-ordinator so you can refer young mum’s to our program. Together, let’s create a harmonious environment for both mother and child to thrive through the power of music.

Refer to other programs

We carefully assess the needs of young mums within our program to determine when referral to specialised services is necessary. Our experienced team actively listens to their concerns, ensuring that we understand the unique challenges they face. If a young mum requires support beyond our program’s scope, we collaboratively connect them with various external organisations. This holistic approach ensures that each young mum receives comprehensive assistance tailored to their specific circumstances.


In Victoria, the Australian Bureau of Statistic 2017 data shows there were;

Children born to Mums aged under 26
Children born to Mums aged 15-19
Children born to Mums aged 20-24